Single Pedal for Savant Elite2 & JSB

Single Pedal connector

Unleash Foot-Controlled Power

Introducing the single foot pedal with a mini-phono connector, your go-to auxiliary input solution for Kinesis Savant Elite2 and JSB foot switches. Designed with convenience in mind, this pedal is equipped with a mini-phono connector to seamlessly integrate with compatible foot switches that have an available jack.

Effortless Control, Limitless Possibilities

Step into a world of enhanced control and productivity by incorporating foot-switch functionality into your setup. Whether you're navigating multimedia, streamlining workflows, or customizing commands, the single foot pedal with a mini-phono connector opens up a realm of possibilities for a hands-free experience.

Upgrade your control game and make every step count with the single foot pedal – a versatile accessory for your Kinesis Savant Elite2 and JSB foot switches.

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Elevate Your Ergonomic Experience

Enhance your ergonomic setup with the versatile foot pedal accessory designed for use with Kinesis USB foot switches. This pedal seamlessly integrates with Savant Elite2 (SE2) or JSB foot switches equipped with an additional jack. You can also use it as an additional pedal for the dual-port stand-alone Control Module (FP10J).

Reduce Hand and Arm Strain

Bid farewell to unnecessary hand and arm strain by incorporating the Savant Elite2 foot pedal into your workflow. This ergonomic enhancer is crafted to alleviate discomfort caused by repetitive mouse clicks and awkward key combinations. Ideal for applications like transcription or hands-free computer tasks, the SE2 foot pedal adds a touch of efficiency to your daily routine.

Upgrade your ergonomic game and make every step count with the Savant Elite2 foot pedal – a valuable addition to your Kinesis USB foot switches for a more comfortable and streamlined experience.


  • Compatibility
    • Must be paired with a Savant Elite or JSB foot pedal control module with an available jack.
    • Cannot connect directly to a PC.
  • Ergonomic Foot Pedal
    • Front-hinged, rounded design for easy activation
    • Adjustable activation force
    • Made from high-strength glass-reinforced ABS plastic
  • Extra Long 109″ Cable
  • Mini-Phono Connector
  • Dimensions
    • Width: 2.7 inches
    • Depth (front-to-back): 3 inches
    • Height: 1 inch
    • Weight: 0.7 lbs
    • Shipping weight: 1 lbs




Single Pedal connector
Single Pedal 1400x1049
Pedal force 1400x1049

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