Freestyle2 Keyboard: The Keyboard that adjusts to you


Freestyle2 the keyboard that adjusts to you

Better Comfort and Productivity for Everyone: The Adjustable Freestyle2

Adjustable Split

Adjustable Split

Expand the modules to shoulder-width for straight wrists. Select either the 9" or 20" linking cable.



Tenting accessories offer 5, 10, and 15-degree angles, alleviating forearm pronation associated with flat keyboards.

Low Profile

Low Profile

Zero-degree slope, coupled with the option for cushioned palm supports, eradicates wrist extension.

Compact Design

Compact Design

The tenkeyless layout minimizes the footprint, allowing for closer mouse placement. The PC USB version comes with a built-in 10-key.

Low Force Keys

Low Force Keys

Tailored membrane key switches provide tactile feedback and require 25% less activation force compared to traditional keyboards.

8 Office Hot Keys

8 Office Hot Keys

Enhance productivity and eliminate cumbersome key combinations with user-friendly hotkeys tailored for both Windows and Mac systems.

Adjustable Splay

Adjustable Splay

Link the pivot tether to separate the key modules, establishing a neutral wrist angle and eradicating ulnar deviation.

Vertical Tenting

Vertical Tenting

Catering to individuals with special needs, the Ascent accessory facilitates tenting, offering an adjustable range from 20 to 90 degrees.

Choose the configuration that is right for you!

Freestyle2 ergonomic split keyboard
  • Windows/PC or Mac

  • 9″ or 20″ Linking Cable

  • USB Wired or Bluetooth Wireless

  • 7 different European ISO layouts

  • individual tenting accessories

Standard Layout. No Learning Curve

Freestyle2 map3 black

Backed by research and testing

Over a 7-month period, Atlas IPS conducted an independent study examining the influence of the Freestyle keyboard's distinctive split design on posture, comfort, and performance. The study involved 80 employees from a prominent U.S. software company.


    • 100% were back to full productivity after a brief adaption period
    • 96% preferred the Freestyle over their conventional keyboard
    • 79% experienced a decrease in neck discomfort
    • 50% experienced a decrease in ulnar deviation

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    “I sought out the Kinesis Freestyle2 keyboard because I was suffering from repetitive stress injury (“RSI”) and back / shoulder pain and I love it. While it may take a small amount of acclimation, it is absolutely worth it.”

    – Julian H.  |  Software Developer

    “I love that the Freestyle2 can tent at various heights, and I can rotate the individual pieces of the keyboard as far as I want to get the most comfortable position for typing. It’s totally worth the price.”

    – Seth B.  |  Digital Entrepreneur

    “I type about a million words a year writing novels and the Freestyle2 keyboard is a vital part of protecting my wrists. It’s reliable, fun to use, and extremely responsive. I tried other ergonomic solutions like curved keyboards, but I really wanted something adjustable.”

    – Rachel C.  |  Author

    “Typing on the Freestyle2 feels more natural than a standard keyboard and it’s a great compliment to my standing desk. It took me no time at all to get acclimated. I would recommend the Freestyle2 to anyone who spends more than 3 hours a day on a computer.”

    – Ario J.  |  Product Designer


    Freestyle2 split keyboard
    • Operating System: Windows 7-11, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS & Chrome
    • Layout: Tenkeyless layout (PC USB version includes embedded 10-key) & 8 office hotkeys
    • Dimensions: 15.4” (width) x 7.1” (depth) x 0.9” (height)
    • Package Contents: Keyboard, Quick Start Guide, (Bluetooth models include micro USB charging cable)
    • Key Switches: Low-Force membrane switches with tactile feedback

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    Which Kinesis Keyboard is The One for me?

    Choosing the right Kinesis keyboard depends on your unique needs and preferences. Let's break it down:


    • Popular Choice: Widely embraced for its split-adjustable design and affordability.
    • Versatility: Modular accessories cater to various preferences.
    • Options Galore: Available in different layouts, configurations, and connections (USB and Bluetooth).
    • Tenting Delight: Can be ordered pre-assembled with popular tenting accessories for enhanced comfort.


    • Flagship Excellence: A favorite among ergonomic enthusiasts for 25 years.
    • Contoured Comfort: Features a contoured layout that rewards a short learning curve with exceptional comfort and productivity boosts.
    • Mechanical Mastery: Boasts mechanical switches for a premium typing experience.
    • SmartSet Engine: Onboard programmability with the new SmartSet Engine.
    • Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly on all major operating systems.

    Freestyle Pro:

    • Best of Both Worlds: Integrates the popular Freestyle split-adjustable design with premium features from the Advantage2.
    • SmartSet Power: Equipped with the SmartSet Programming Engine for robust configurability.
    • Mechanical Marvel: Cherry mechanical key switches provide a top-tier typing feel and durability.
    • Upgrade Ready: Ideal for those looking to upgrade from a Freestyle2 or not quite ready to transition to the Advantage2.


    • Next-Level Ergonomics: Merging the trusted Advantage2 principles with modular adaptability, the Advantage360 offers innovation in design.
    • Default Layers: Features three default layers—Top, Keypad, and Fn—with additional programmable layers (Fn2 and Fn3) for SmartSet Model users.
    • Enthusiast's Choice: Tailored for ergonomic enthusiasts seeking cutting-edge design and modular flexibility in their keyboard setup. The Advantage360 is a powerful choice, delivering both form and function in one sleek package.

    Each keyboard offers a distinctive set of features, so whether you prioritize versatility, contoured comfort, or a blend of both, there's a Kinesis keyboard tailored to your ergonomic journey.

    Why use a split keyboard?

    Modify the Freestyle2 for a natural typing posture

    Diverging from conventional one-piece and fixed-split keyboards, users can disengage or "splay" the key modules, mitigating harmful wrist bending based on their unique body type and typing stance. The split design caters to a diverse range of body sizes, accommodating individuals from petite to large-framed. Opt for either the standard 9" separation model or the extended 20" separation model to tailor it to your preference.

    Explore further insights on Ulnar Deviation and additional risk factors associated with conventional keyboards.

    What is the adaption time?

    Smooth adaptation with the Freestyle2

    Adapting to the Freestyle2 is a breeze, especially for touch-typists, thanks to its conventional layout. To minimize the adaptation period, we suggest commencing with the key modules close together and at the lowest tenting setting. Gradually explore the "out and up" adjustments until you discover the optimal configuration for your body.

    Which tenting accessories should I get?

    Tent wisely with the Freestyle2

    Choosing the right tenting accessory for your Freestyle2 depends on your desired height and whether you prefer palm supports. There are three options, each seamlessly attaching to the underside of the key modules to enhance the core features of the Freestyle2.

    The V3 and VIP3 kits support tenting at 5˚, 10˚, and 15˚, striking a balance between strain relief and typing posture. The VIP3, a popular choice, includes palm supports and cushioned pads, catering to personal preferences. Meanwhile, the Ascent kit offers more vertical tenting angles ranging from 20˚ to 90˚, although many find this range unnecessary. Choose wisely for your ideal ergonomic setup.

    What kind of switches does Freestyle2 use?

    Diving into the Freestyle2's key switches

    The Freestyle2 employs custom membrane key switches designed for optimal ergonomics, boasting a low activation force and tactile feedback.

    However, if you're in the market for a mechanical keyboard, explore our Freestyle Pro and Advantage2 models. These keyboards offer your choice of genuine Cherry MX Brown and Quiet Red mechanical switches, providing a different typing experience.

    Why aren't accessories included?

    Tailor your experience with the Freestyle2

    The Freestyle2 is meticulously crafted to be a fully modular solution, allowing users to cherry-pick accessories and configurations that align with their preferences. This flexibility ensures you're not burdened with paying for unnecessary parts.