Foot Pedal Solutions

Office Ergonomics with Kinesis USB Foot Pedals:

Kinesis USB foot pedals present an ideal solution for redistributing workload from overused fingers and hands to the feet, enhancing both comfort and productivity in office ergonomics. Integrating a foot pedal into an employee's Windows or Mac workstation offers several advantages:

    Data Entry | Multimedia Editing | Call Center | Programming | Word Processing | Transcription

    OEM, Medical & Industrial Applications:

    In various clinical, medical, and industrial settings, achieving hands-free computer control is crucial for optimizing workflow efficiency. Kinesis USB foot pedals offer a versatile solution that can be seamlessly integrated into these environments:

      Ultrasound | MRI | Radiology | Pathology | Dentistry | Image Capture | Automation | Diagnostics | Industrial


      Fot pedal solutions

      Heavy-Duty, Multi-Platform Design

      Kinesis USB foot pedals are designed to meet heavy-duty demands and provide compatibility across various platforms, ensuring a versatile and efficient user experience.

      Key Features:

      1. Multi-Platform Compatibility: Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, offering flexibility in diverse computing environments.
      2. Plug-and-Play Convenience: No need for additional software or special drivers. The foot pedals can be easily integrated without complex installations.
      3. Configurable Pedal Options: Choose from 1, 2, or 3 pedals based on your specific requirements. An additional jack is available for connecting a 4th pedal or hand-trigger for expanded functionality.
      4. Extended Cable Reach: The foot pedals come with an extra-long 9-foot USB cable, allowing for remote positioning from your PC for added convenience.
      5. Heavy-Duty Design (Dual and Triple Pedal Models): The dual and triple pedal models feature a heavy-duty design with a no-slip steel base, ensuring stability during use.
      6. Waterproof Options: IPX 8 waterproof versions are available, offering enhanced durability and protection in environments where waterproofing is essential.
      7. Optional Factory Programming: Optional factory programming is offered to tailor the foot pedals to specific user preferences or application requirements.
      8. Volume Pricing: Volume pricing is available, providing cost-effective solutions for organizations requiring multiple units.

      Versatile Solutions for Every Application: No matter your application, Kinesis provides a range of solutions to meet your needs:

      Savant Elite2 Foot Pedal Family:

      The Savant Elite2 Foot Pedal Family provides a versatile and customizable solution for various tasks. Perform Any Keyboard Action or Mouse Click or custom Program Yourself.

        JSB Foot Pedal Family:

        The JSB Foot Pedal Family is designed for specific functionality, allowing users to perform standard joystick button actions. 

        Which pedal is right for me?

        Kinesis takes pride in offering three distinct families of foot pedals, each meticulously designed to cater to different applications. Despite the diversity in functionality, all pedals share the same ergonomic design, featuring an adjustable pedal force to accommodate individual preferences. The Dual and Triple pedal models, mounted on a robust heavy-steel base, exemplify Kinesis' commitment to providing stability and durability across its product range.

        Savant Elite2 Pedals

        Experience the pinnacle of innovation with the Savant Elite2 (SE2) family of programmable foot pedals—a testament to Kinesis' dedication to versatility and power. These USB foot pedals redefine the standards, offering unparalleled functionality without the need for special drivers. They seamlessly integrate with Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome, providing a universal solution for diverse computing environments.

        Key Features:

        1. Compatibility Across Platforms: SE2 foot pedals are compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome, ensuring a seamless experience across various operating systems.
        2. Individual Custom Programming: Each pedal within the SE2 family can be individually programmed to output single key actions, macros, multimedia commands, and mouse actions. This customization empowers users with tailored solutions for their specific needs.
        3. Effortless Programming with SmartSet: The SE2 SmartSet Programming Application, available for Mac and Windows, facilitates quick and easy programming of custom pedal actions. This user-friendly application streamlines the customization process.
        4. Onboard Memory Storage: Pedal actions are saved directly to the foot pedal's onboard memory, offering portability and flexibility as the programming moves with the pedal, independent of the computer.
        5. Diverse Model Options: Choose from seven distinct Savant Elite models within the SE2 family, providing flexibility based on the number of pedals required.

        Embrace the future of foot pedal technology with the Savant Elite2 family, a testament to Kinesis' commitment to providing versatile and powerful solutions for a wide range of computing applications.

        JSB Pedals

        Dive into the specialized realm of USB foot pedals with Kinesis' JSB line, meticulously designed to cater to distinct applications such as camera control or gaming simulators that demand joystick button actions. These pedals effortlessly output joystick buttons 1, 2, & 3, providing essential functionality without programmability.

        Key Features of JSB Line:

        1. Specialty Applications: Tailored for specialty applications like camera control or gaming simulators, the JSB line focuses on delivering joystick button actions for precise and specialized tasks.
        2. Non-Programmable Design: The JSB foot pedals are not programmable, ensuring a straightforward and hassle-free user experience for their intended applications.

        Advantage2 Keyboard Pedals: Tailored Integration for a Seamless Experience

        Complementing the popular Advantage2 keyboards, Kinesis introduces a dedicated line of foot pedals designed specifically for optimal integration. These Advantage foot pedals, featuring a unique design, eschew a direct USB connection, instead connecting seamlessly to your Advantage2 keyboard via a standard RJ11 type connector. Programmed as an extension of the Advantage2 keyboard, these foot pedals offer the flexibility of executing single key actions, macros, or accessing the embedded keypad layer. Available in both single and triple pedal models, they bring an added layer of convenience to your computing experience.

        Explore the specialized capabilities of the JSB line and the seamless integration offered by the Advantage foot pedals, both designed to enhance your efficiency in unique and tailored applications.

        Put your feet to good use: Pedal Applications

        No matter your application, Kinesis offers a diverse range of foot pedals tailored to various needs. Whether you require heavy-duty pedals, customizable options, or specific joystick button actions, Kinesis has a foot pedal solution designed to enhance your overall computing experience.

        Software Programming & Coding

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        Software engineers, more than professionals in many other fields, are tasked with spending extensive hours at a keyboard, swiftly typing intricate lines of code with a high level of precision. Additionally, coding involves a notable degree of repetition.

        These circumstances highlight the effectiveness of foot pedals as valuable productivity enhancers for software engineers. Foot pedals offer the capability to be programmed for executing intricate macros, substituting awkward key combinations, or facilitating seamless application switching.

        “Using a foot pedal with your keyboard feels impossibly geeky at first. Until you use it for a while, and then you start wondering why you didn’t recruit your feet for help years ago. It’s not like they had anything better to do all this time. Sewing machines have foot pedals. Cars have foot pedals. Airplanes have rudder pedals. Why not computers?”

        -Avdi Grimm | Virtuous Code. Read the full blog post


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        Efficient Dental Practice Workflow:

        Dentists and their assistants skillfully utilize their feet for hands-free control of dental equipment, ensuring clean and unoccupied hands for dental procedures. A USB foot pedal directly connected to the exam room computer empowers hygienists to perform various tasks seamlessly, from data entry to navigating x-rays. This not only saves time but also enhances production efficiency, reduces cross-contamination, and elevates patient care.

        I have been using Kinesis Savant Elite2 foot pedals for intraoral camera operation ever since my Dexis tech recommended them. My camera has a capture button but I prefer to use a foot pedal to avoid shaky, out-of-focus pictures.”

        – Dr. Ernesto Mireles | Salinas Dental

        Streamlined Periocharting with Kinesis Foot Pedals:

        Kinesis foot pedals offer exceptional functionality for hands-free perio charting and various dental charting applications. Parostatus, a leading German dental technology company, places its trust in Kinesis foot pedals to enhance their software capabilities, enabling dentists to achieve remarkable efficiency. With Kinesis foot pedals, dentists can conduct a thorough hygienic assessment in under 60 seconds and complete a prophylaxis index in under 5 minutes.

        Key Advantages:

        1. Efficiency Boost: Kinesis foot pedals empower dentists to work faster, achieving efficient perio charting and other dental assessments.
        2. Wide Compatibility: Compatible with all PC and Mac operating systems, Kinesis USB foot pedals seamlessly integrate with popular software platforms such as DEXIS, Dentrix, Eaglesoft, and any other software utilizing keyboard shortcuts.
        3. Custom Programming Flexibility: The ability to save custom programming directly to the foot pedal's memory allows for easy mobility between exam rooms without the need for reprogramming.

        Kinesis has a rich history of delivering tailored products and solutions to dental practices of all sizes. With a focus on compatibility, efficiency, and customization, Kinesis foot pedals prove to be indispensable tools for optimizing periocharting and enhancing overall dental workflow.


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        Kinesis USB foot pedals offer flexibility in healthcare applications, providing hands-free computer control and efficient data entry. Compatible with any computer, tablet, or machine featuring a full-size USB port, these pedals find utility in pathology, radiology, ultrasound, dictation, workflow management, and more. Program the pedal to execute keyboard shortcuts or text macros, enhancing workflow customization.

        Key Features:

        1. Wide Compatibility: Easily pair Kinesis foot pedals with a variety of devices, including computers, tablets, and machines equipped with full-size USB ports.
        2. Diverse Healthcare Applications: Ideal for pathology, radiology, ultrasound, dictation, and various workflow management tasks, Kinesis foot pedals provide a versatile solution.
        3. Custom Programmability: Program the pedal to output specific keyboard shortcuts or text macros, tailoring it to the unique needs of healthcare professionals.
        4. ETL Recognized and Waterproof Options: ETL recognized for near-patient use, Kinesis foot pedals can be custom waterproofed (IPX-8 rating) for clinical applications, ensuring durability and safety.

        Custom Solutions for OEM Hardware: Kinesis offers the expertise to create custom pedal solutions for OEM hardware, including the option for waterproofing to meet specific requirements.


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        Elevate Your Studio or Stage Performance with Kinesis USB Foot Pedals:

        In both studio and stage settings, Kinesis USB foot pedals provide an invaluable extra hand precisely when you need it.

        Studio and Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Integration:

        Pair our foot pedals seamlessly with your digital audio workstation (DAW) to take control of media playback, recording processes, or to enhance your audio with effects.

        Universal Compatibility:

        If your software supports keyboard shortcuts and your device features a USB port, you can effortlessly integrate our foot pedals into your setup. They serve as an exceptional hands-free page-turner for virtual sheet music, providing convenience and flexibility during performances.

        Testimonial from Audiophile Andy Chen:

        Explore the review from audiophile Andy Chen at the Gadgeteer to discover the enhanced capabilities and convenience our foot pedals bring to your audio experiences. Whether you're in the studio or on the stage, Kinesis USB foot pedals are the perfect companion for elevating your performance:

        “I use Audacity for voice recordings so I mapped the left pedal for Pause (“P”), and the right pedal for Record (“R”). Now I don’t have to turn my body to look at the keyboard and screen. -Andy Chen | The Gadgeter. Read the full review.


        Bakker_Ultraboard 950 wireless ergonomic keyboard 1543576517

        For professional transcriptionists who understand the value of using their feet, Kinesis USB foot pedals offer a streamlined solution. One pedal seamlessly pairs with all your transcription software programs, supporting essential hotkey commands.

        Key Features:

        1. Effortless Custom Programming: Quickly customize the foot pedal for Play/Pause, Fast Forward, and Rewind functions, enhancing your control over transcription processes.
        2. Front-Hinged Design for Comfort: Kinesis adopts a front-hinged design, ensuring your foot can comfortably rest on the pedal without the need for constant pressing and holding. Outer pedal positions and activation force are adjustable for maximum comfort.
        3. Wide Software Compatibility: Compatible with popular transcription software such as Express Scribe, Transcribe by Wreally, Quikscribe by Digital Dictation, Gear Buddy, and many others.
        4. Durability and Warranty: Kinesis Savant Elite2 pedals are built to last, rated for 1 million activation cycles, and come with a 2-year limited warranty.

        Elevate your transcription experience with Kinesis USB foot pedals, offering ergonomic design, customization, and compatibility with leading transcription software programs.

        Assistive Technology

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        The Savant Elite2 Control Module stands as the optimal Computer Switch Interface, offering compatibility with a diverse range of assistive switches available in the market. This powerful tool is designed to assist individuals who may face challenges using a traditional keyboard and mouse setup.

        Key Features:

        1. Versatile Switch Compatibility: Pair the control module with various assistive switches by simply plugging them into the available 3.5mm mini-phono jacks. The module comes with either 2 or 4 jacks, accommodating up to 4 switches.
        2. Portability and Versatility: All programming is directly saved to the module, ensuring maximum portability and versatility. This feature enables users to carry their customized settings between different computers effortlessly.
        3. SmartSet Programming App: Utilize the SmartSet programming app to assign personalized actions to each pedal. Assign any keyboard action or mouse click to individual jacks on the control module switch.
        4. Profile Management: Save distinct profiles for various users or applications, allowing seamless switching between them as needed. The flexibility of profiles enhances adaptability to diverse user needs.

        The Savant Elite2 Control Module exemplifies Kinesis' commitment to accessibility, customization, and ease of use, providing a tailored solution for those seeking an alternative to traditional input devices.

        Mouse Click Sensitivity

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        Mouse clicking, a seemingly mundane computer task, can become a source of pain for many individuals due to its repetitive nature. The Savant Elite2 Foot Pedals address this issue by offering factory-programmed functionality for both left and right mouse clicks. This innovative approach allows users to offload a significant portion, if not all, of the click workload, thereby alleviating the burden on their fingers.

        Key Benefits:

        1. Efficient Click Offloading: The Savant Elite2 Foot Pedals are designed to efficiently handle both left and right mouse clicks, reducing the strain on fingers caused by repetitive clicking.
        2. Customizable Workload Distribution: Users can tailor the use of the foot pedals to offload a portion or the entirety of the click workload, promoting flexibility in accordance with individual comfort and needs.
        3. Enhanced Ergonomics: By incorporating foot pedals for mouse clicks, the ergonomic design aims to enhance user comfort and minimize the potential for pain associated with repetitive clicking tasks.

        The Savant Elite2 Foot Pedals represent a thoughtful solution from Kinesis, addressing the often-overlooked challenges posed by repetitive mouse clicking. With an emphasis on efficiency and ergonomics, these foot pedals contribute to a more comfortable and user-friendly computing experience.


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        Gain the Gaming Edge with USB Foot Pedals: Elevate Your Gameplay!

        In the quest for gaming supremacy, gamers are always seeking ways to gain an edge. Enter the USB foot pedal for gaming, a unique tool that empowers players to execute additional actions per second, propelling their gaming experience to new heights.

        Key Advantages:

        1. Enhanced Action Speed: USB foot pedals enable gamers to perform more actions per second, providing a competitive advantage by increasing response times.
        2. Versatile Actions: Gaming pedals can be programmed to launch attacks, reload or cycle weapons, capture screenshots, or trigger powerful macros. The versatility enhances gameplay and strategic possibilities.
        3. Streamer-Friendly: Ideal for streamers, USB foot pedals offer hands-free camera and microphone control. Streamers can focus on engaging with their audience without being encumbered by manual controls.
        4. Universal Gaming Compatibility: Regardless of the game you play, a programmable USB foot pedal can be customized to complement and enhance your gaming experience.

        Embrace the gaming revolution and level up your gameplay with the programmable capabilities of USB foot pedals. Whether you're seeking a competitive edge or streamlining your streaming setup, these pedals offer a unique and versatile solution for gamers.

        Call Centers

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        For employees immersed in lengthy phone sessions, collecting and inputting data, incorporating a foot pedal can significantly enhance productivity. Assigning functions like Enter or Tab keys, or mouse clicks to a foot pedal provides teams the capability to utilize their feet for seamless navigation between fields. This approach not only accelerates data entry but also contributes to the comfort and well-being of the workforce.

        Key Benefits:

        1. Efficient Data Entry: Foot pedals enable the assignment of Enter, Tab keys, or mouse clicks, streamlining the navigation between fields and facilitating faster, more accurate data entry.
        2. Comfort and Health Focus: By integrating foot pedals, employees can engage in repetitive tasks with their feet, reducing strain on their hands and promoting a more comfortable and healthier work environment.
        3. Tailored for Call Centers: Particularly beneficial for call center environments with repetitive keyboard tasks or mouse clicks, Kinesis foot pedals provide a tailored solution to enhance efficiency.

        Embrace the productivity boost offered by Kinesis foot pedals in call centers, turning repetitive tasks into streamlined, foot-controlled actions. This not only accelerates workflows but also contributes to the well-being of employees engaged in data-intensive phone sessions.