Advantage2 Keyboard: A Professional Grade Tool


Kinesis advantage2 ergonomic keyboard

Contoured design for maximized comfort and productivity

Fixed Split

Fixed Split

Keeping your hands at shoulder-width not only maintains straight wrists but also minimizes ulnar deviation.

20 Degree Tenting

20 Degree Tenting

Tenting serves to elevate the thumb side of the hand, effectively mitigating forearm pronation induced by flat keyboards.

Compact Design

Compact Design

A Tenkeyless layout with an embedded keypad brings the mouse closer, minimizing over-reach strain.

Palm Support

Palm Support

Integrated palm supports and cushioned palm pads actively encourage a neutral wrist position, effectively diminishing harmful wrist extension.

Concave Key Wells

Concave Key Wells

Positioning hands and fingers naturally shortens key-reach and minimizes over-extension for a more relaxed typing experience.

Sculpted Home Row

Sculpted Home Row

Sculpted home row keycaps facilitate finding the home row effortlessly, allowing you to keep your eyes on the screen without interruptio

Thumb Keys

Thumb Keys

Leverage stronger thumbs instead of weaker pinkies to access frequently used keys such as Space, Backspace, and Enter for a more ergonomic and efficient typing experience.

Vertical Keys

Vertical Keys

The orthogonal key arrangement mirrors the natural motion of your fingers, enhancing both speed and comfort in typing.

Mechanical Switches: Choose your Favourite

Cherry switches
  • Durable: Rated for 50+ million key presses

  • Premium: Unmatched feel and performance

  • Ergonomic: Low-force and tactile

Cherry MX Brown

  • Low-Force (55g)
  • Full Travel
  • Tactile Feedback
  • Some Noise

Cherry MX Quiet Red

  • Low-Force (45g)
  • Full Travel
  • Linear Feel
  • Quiet

Hear the difference

Harmony in Design: A Layout Tailored to Work with Your Body

Advantage2 map black


Advantage2 smartapp

Advantage2 - with the SmartSet Programming Engine

Boost Productivity

    1. Optimized Typing Experience: Tailor the keyboard to your liking with onboard remapping, allowing you to redefine key positions according to your typing style and workflow preferences.
    2. Versatile Layout Options: Enjoy dual-layer QWERTY and Dvorak layouts, complemented by instant thumb-key configuration for seamless transitions between Windows, Mac, and PC modes.
    3. Effortless Macro Management: Harness the power of on-the-fly macros with adjustable delays, offering nine playback speeds and supporting sequences up to 300 characters long for a truly personalized and efficient workflow.
    4. Streamlined Mouse Control: Eliminate unnecessary clicks by assigning single and double mouse-clicks to any key on the keyboard, providing a smoother and more intuitive control experience.

    Convenient and Easy

      1. Effortless Compatibility: Enjoy plug-and-play convenience on all USB operating systems—no need for special drivers or software downloads.
      2. Continuous Feature Updates: Stay ahead with upgradeable firmware, ensuring you always have the latest features and optimal compatibility.
      3. Portable Customization: Your custom settings are saved directly to the keyboard, enhancing portability and ensuring your personalized setup goes wherever you do.
      4. Onboard Programming Mastery: Take control with onboard programming shortcuts or effortlessly launch the no-install SmartSet Programming App (Windows) directly from the keyboard (available in US versions). Streamlined programming, hassle-free.

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      “My favorite feature of the Advantage keyboard is no longer experiencing hand pain with extensive typing. I also appreciate the ability to remap the keys, because some of the default key functions weren’t optimally positioned for me. ”

      Dachary C.  |  Writer

      “How has the Kinesis Advantage changed my life? It has literally allowed me to stay in my career over the past 16-18 years.”

      Preston D.  |  IT Consultant

      “I would absolutely recommend the Kinesis Advantage. Not only has it alleviated the pain & numbness I had previously been experiencing, but I’m far more productive because of it. I’m a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts and macros – the less I have to move my hand from my keyboard, the better.”

      Jordan B.  |  Software Engineer 

      “A lot of keyboards offer at least some ergonomic features but I don’t know of any that put them all together in one unit the way the Advantage2 does.”

      Avdi G.  |  Programmer


      Advantage2 keyboard with key wells
      • Operating System: Windows 7-11, Mac OS X, Linux, Android & Chrome
      • Layout: Contoured tenkeyless 10-key layout with embedded 10-key and thumb clusters
      • Dimensions: 16.5” (width) x 8” (depth) x 2.9” (max height)
      • Weight: 3.2 lbs (Total weight of both modules)
      • Package Contents: Keyboard, Quick Start Guide, Self-Adhesive Palm Pads, 4 Additional Keycaps (Mac and PC Mode), Keycap Puller
      • Key Switches: Low-Force Cherry Mechanical (MX Brown or MX Quiet Red)
      • Fully Programmable Customizable QWERTY and Dvorak layouts. One-touch remaps (unlimited). On-the-fly macros (dozens per layout). 4MB onboard memory. SmartSet Programming App for Windows pre-loaded.


      14 Days
      Return Policy

      2 year 

      US Tech 



      Adv2 blank keycap set main


      Which Kinesis Keyboard is The One for me?

      Choosing the right Kinesis keyboard depends on your unique needs and preferences. Let's break it down:


      • Popular Choice: Widely embraced for its split-adjustable design and affordability.
      • Versatility: Modular accessories cater to various preferences.
      • Options Galore: Available in different layouts, configurations, and connections (USB and Bluetooth).
      • Tenting Delight: Can be ordered pre-assembled with popular tenting accessories for enhanced comfort.


      • Flagship Excellence: A favorite among ergonomic enthusiasts for 25 years.
      • Contoured Comfort: Features a contoured layout that rewards a short learning curve with exceptional comfort and productivity boosts.
      • Mechanical Mastery: Boasts mechanical switches for a premium typing experience.
      • SmartSet Engine: Onboard programmability with the new SmartSet Engine.
      • Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly on all major operating systems.

      Freestyle Pro:

      • Best of Both Worlds: Integrates the popular Freestyle split-adjustable design with premium features from the Advantage2.
      • SmartSet Power: Equipped with the SmartSet Programming Engine for robust configurability.
      • Mechanical Marvel: Cherry mechanical key switches provide a top-tier typing feel and durability.
      • Upgrade Ready: Ideal for those looking to upgrade from a Freestyle2 or not quite ready to transition to the Advantage2.


      • Next-Level Ergonomics: Merging the trusted Advantage2 principles with modular adaptability, the Advantage360 offers innovation in design.
      • Default Layers: Features three default layers—Top, Keypad, and Fn—with additional programmable layers (Fn2 and Fn3) for SmartSet Model users.
      • Enthusiast's Choice: Tailored for ergonomic enthusiasts seeking cutting-edge design and modular flexibility in their keyboard setup. The Advantage360 is a powerful choice, delivering both form and function in one sleek package.

      Each keyboard offers a distinctive set of features, so whether you prioritize versatility, contoured comfort, or a blend of both, there's a Kinesis keyboard tailored to your ergonomic journey.

      How long does it take to adapt to Advantage2

      Adapting to the Advantage2 keyboard is quicker than you might expect. Studies and extensive user experience reveal that most touch typists achieve around 80% of their full typing speed within the first few hours and reach full speed within 3-5 days. Mastery of editing and navigation keys may take an additional 1-2 weeks.

      Post-adaptation, users often experience a notable boost in average typing speed, thanks to enhanced comfort and the optimized key layout. Every key on the Advantage2 is programmable, allowing customization to suit individual workflows.

      The Kinesis contoured design, cherished by typists and programmers for over 25 years, tends to create a lasting preference—you may never want to type on another keyboard again after making the switch.

      Which color key switch is right for me?

      Opting between the MX Brown and MX Quiet Red mechanical key switches offers excellent choices.

      For newcomers to mechanical keyboards, the typing feel of both Brown and Red switches is notably similar. Boasting low activation force and exceptional typing feel, either switch provides a satisfying experience.

      Consider the MX Quiet Red switches, especially if you're in an office environment. These switches come equipped with built-in sound-dampeners, significantly reducing the noise commonly associated with mechanical key switches. It's the perfect blend of tactile response without the unnecessary clatter.

      What's the big deal about mechanical keyboards?

      Will I still be able to use a normal keyboard?

      The distinctive muscle memory cultivated with the Advantage2 keyboard proves remarkably adaptable. Users typically find it seamless to switch back to conventional keyboards when necessary. It's a common practice for Advantage2 enthusiasts to invest in a keyboard for each workstation and even bring it along during travel. This way, they ensure consistent comfort with the contoured shape, regardless of the setting.

      Which model should I choose?

      Choosing Your Advantage2:
      The right Advantage2 model for you depends on your preferences in key switches, styling, and key legends.

      • For first-time Advantage2 users, the basic KB600 model is recommended, available in our shop with US and German Layout. Reach out, if you are interested in different versions (e.g. UK, Swedish, or Japanese)
      • If you're a fan of Cherry MX Red stem switches, the new Quiet LF (KB600LFQ) model is tailored for you.
      • Dvorak typist or considering the switch? The QD (KB600QD) model features dual legended keycaps, displaying both QWERTY and Dvorak actions.

      Note: All Advantage2 keyboards come equipped with an onboard Dvorak layout. Stand-alone keycap kits, with dual QWERTY-Dvorak or solely Dvorak legends, can be separately purchased and easily installed at home for LFQ, Silver, or Graphite models. Choose the Advantage2 that aligns perfectly with your typing needs and preferences.

      Is there any research on the contoured design?

      In 1992, Global Ergonomic Technologies undertook a groundbreaking study comparing the Kinesis "contoured" keyboard with a traditional keyboard. The study aimed to assess if the Kinesis design delivered reduced muscle load, enhanced performance, and greater user preference.

      Key Findings:

      1. Postural Benefits: Postural analysis revealed significantly less hand deviation and extension on the Kinesis keyboard compared to the traditional counterpart.
      2. Muscle Load: Analysis of muscle load indicated a substantial reduction in load on muscles controlling hand deviation, extension, and pronation with the Kinesis keyboard.
      3. Elbow Abduction: While subjects exhibited almost the same muscle load for elbow abduction at the end of each test, the Kinesis keyboard showcased advantages in other key areas.
      4. Performance: Although there was a statistically significant increase in throughput for test entry with the traditional keyboard, error frequency showed no significant difference between the two keyboards.
      5. User Preferences: Subjects expressed substantial preferences for the Kinesis keyboard in terms of comfort, fatigue, and usability. The Kinesis was overwhelmingly favored by almost two to one as the overall choice.

      This pioneering study provided crucial insights into the ergonomic benefits of the Kinesis contoured keyboard, setting the stage for its continued popularity and acclaim among users seeking enhanced comfort and performance.