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Seamless Integration for 10-Key Users

Introducing our low-profile numeric keypad designed with the signature Freestyle2 styling, tailored to meet the needs of 10-key users. This keypad seamlessly incorporates convenient Windows hotkeys for essential functions like Cut, Copy, and Paste. Elevate your numeric input experience with the perfect blend of functionality and ergonomic design, showcasing the essence of Freestyle2 innovation.

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Elevate Your Keypad Experience with Freestyle2 Innovation

The Freestyle2 Keypad seamlessly integrates with the low-profile design of the Freestyle2 keyboard, sharing the same low-force, quiet, and tactile membrane key switch for a consistent and ergonomic typing experience. With the flexibility to position the keypad on either side of the keyboard, it's an ideal companion for narrow keyboards like the Kinesis Freestyle2, other tenkeyless keyboards, or alongside your laptop. The integrated 2-port USB hub ensures easy connectivity for additional input devices, such as mice, without the need to access your computer's USB ports. Enhance your editing efficiency with embedded hotkeys for "Cut," "Copy," and "Paste." Whether you prefer a standalone keypad or an integrated setup, the Freestyle2 Keypad is your versatile solution. Please note that you cannot plug the Freestyle2 for Mac keyboard into the keypad's USB port, nor can you do the reverse.

Key Features:

  • Integrated 2-port, 2.0 USB hub.
  • Utilizes the same low-force, tactile membrane key switch as the Freestyle2 keyboard.
  • Matches the low-profile design of the Freestyle2 keyboard.
  • Embedded hot keys "Cut," "Copy," & "Paste" for efficient editing.
  • Use it in any situation where a stand-alone keypad is preferred. The 2-port USB hub enables you to easily connect other input devices such as mice without having to access USB ports on your computer.


  • Compatible Operating Systems
    • Windows 7-11
    • Mac OS X*
    • Linux*
    • Android*
  • Key Switch
    • Switch type: Rubber dome, membrane
    • Peak force: 44 grams
    • Activation force: 35 gram
    • Travel distance: 3.9 mm
  • Dimensions
    • Width: 3.5 inches
    • Depth (front-to-back): 7.125 inches
    • Height: 0.875 inches
    • Weight: 0.50 lbs
    • Shipping weight: 1 lb
  • USB Type A Cable length: 6 feet

*Hot keys on the Freestyle2 keypad are designed for Windows and may not be supported on other operating systems or when using terminal emulation or remote access. Mac users will need to change the Control key action to Command in System Preferences>Keyboard>Modifier Keys.


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