Freestyle Pro Keyboard: The Best just got better


Freestyle pro the best just got better

Enhanced Comfort and Productivity for All: The Adjustable Split of Freestyle Pro

Adjustable Split

Adjustable Split

Optimal Ergonomics: Separate Modules to Shoulder-Width for Straight Wrists with Standard 20″ Link Cable



Tenting for Comfort: Accessories Offer 5, 10, and 15 Degree Options to Combat Forearm Pronation

Low Profile

Low Profile

Seamless Comfort: Zero-Degree Slope with Palm Supports and Cushioned Pads Eliminate Wrist Extension

Compact Design

Compact Design

Efficiency Redefined: Tenkeyless Layout with Embedded Keypad for a Compact Footprint and Closer Mouse Placement

Mechanical Switches: Choose your Favourite

Cherry switches
  • Genuine Cherry MX Mechanical Switches

  • 50M Key Presses for Unmatched Durability

  • Premium Typing Feel and Performance

  • Low-Force Design for Maximum Comfort

Cherry MX Brown

  • Low-Force (55g)
  • Full Travel
  • Tactile Feedback
  • Some Noise

Cherry MX Quiet Red

  • Low-Force (45g)
  • Full Travel
  • Linear Feel
  • Quiet

Hear the difference

Seamless Transition: Standard Layout with No Learning Curve

Freestyle pro layout


Smartset bg

Freestyle Pro - with the SmartSet Programming Engine

Boost Productivity

  • 9 Fully Customizable Dual-Layer Layouts for Various Applications, Operating Systems, or Users
  • Every Key Remappable for Ultimate Personalization
  • 8 Pre-Programmed Office Hotkeys for Common Shortcuts (Cut, Copy, Paste, Desktop, etc.)
  • On-the-Fly Macros with Adjustable Delays, 9 Playback Speeds, and Up to 300 Characters Long
  • Firmware Upgradeable for Expanded Macro Capacity (Up to 100 Macros per Layout)
  • Efficient Mouse Control: Assign Single and Double Mouse-Clicks to Any Key, Eliminating Unnecessary Clicks

Convenient and Easy

  • Plug-and-Play Compatibility with All USB Operating Systems—No Special Drivers or Software Required
  • Firmware Upgradeability Ensures Access to Latest Features and Optimal Compatibility
  • Custom Settings Saved Directly to the Keyboard for Maximum Portability and Versatility
  • Onboard Programming Shortcuts for Easy Customization
  • Launch the No-Install SmartSet Programming App (Available for Windows and Mac) Directly from the Keyboard

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    "These keyboards are amazingly versatile. The two halves can be put in any orientation.”

    – Rob

    "I have been trying to find the best mechanical ergonomic keyboard for carpal tunnel syndrome. I have tried several others but the Freestyle Pro with the V3 Pro tenting kit is by far the best.”

    – Anthony V. 

    “Love this keyboard, I had the Freestyle2 keyboard and but the Freestyle Pro is a completely different typing experience.”

    – RB 

    “Finally, I found what I am looking for: an ergonomic mechanical keyboard.”

    – R. Wang 


    Freestyle Pro split keyboard sq
    • Operating System: Windows 7-11, Mac OS X, Linux, Android & Chrome
    • Layout: Tenkeyless layout with embedded 10-key & 8 office hotkeys
    • Dimensions: 15.5” (width) x 7.3” (depth) x 1.3” (height)
    • Weight: 3.2 lbs (Total weight of both modules)
    • Package Contents: Keyboard, Quick Start Guide, 4 Additional Mac Keycaps, Keycap Puller
    • Key Switches: Low-Force Cherry Mechanical (MX Brown or MX Quiet Red)
    • Fully Programmable 9 customizable layouts. One-touch remaps (unlimited). On-the-fly macros. 4MB onboard memory. SmartSet Programming App for Windows & Mac pre-loaded.


    14 Days
    Return Policy

    2 year 

    US Tech 



    Which Kinesis Keyboard is The One for me?

    Choosing the right Kinesis keyboard depends on your unique needs and preferences. Let's break it down:


    • Popular Choice: Widely embraced for its split-adjustable design and affordability.
    • Versatility: Modular accessories cater to various preferences.
    • Options Galore: Available in different layouts, configurations, and connections (USB and Bluetooth).
    • Tenting Delight: Can be ordered pre-assembled with popular tenting accessories for enhanced comfort.


    • Flagship Excellence: A favorite among ergonomic enthusiasts for 25 years.
    • Contoured Comfort: Features a contoured layout that rewards a short learning curve with exceptional comfort and productivity boosts.
    • Mechanical Mastery: Boasts mechanical switches for a premium typing experience.
    • SmartSet Engine: Onboard programmability with the new SmartSet Engine.
    • Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly on all major operating systems.

    Freestyle Pro:

    • Best of Both Worlds: Integrates the popular Freestyle split-adjustable design with premium features from the Advantage2.
    • SmartSet Power: Equipped with the SmartSet Programming Engine for robust configurability.
    • Mechanical Marvel: Cherry mechanical key switches provide a top-tier typing feel and durability.
    • Upgrade Ready: Ideal for those looking to upgrade from a Freestyle2 or not quite ready to transition to the Advantage2.


    • Next-Level Ergonomics: Merging the trusted Advantage2 principles with modular adaptability, the Advantage360 offers innovation in design.
    • Default Layers: Features three default layers—Top, Keypad, and Fn—with additional programmable layers (Fn2 and Fn3) for SmartSet Model users.
    • Enthusiast's Choice: Tailored for ergonomic enthusiasts seeking cutting-edge design and modular flexibility in their keyboard setup. The Advantage360 is a powerful choice, delivering both form and function in one sleek package.

    Each keyboard offers a distinctive set of features, so whether you prioritize versatility, contoured comfort, or a blend of both, there's a Kinesis keyboard tailored to your ergonomic journey.

    Which color key switch is right for me?

    Opting between the MX Brown and MX Quiet Red mechanical key switches offers excellent choices.

    For newcomers to mechanical keyboards, the typing feel of both Brown and Red switches is notably similar. Boasting low activation force and exceptional typing feel, either switch provides a satisfying experience.

    Consider the MX Quiet Red switches, especially if you're in an office environment. These switches come equipped with built-in sound-dampeners, significantly reducing the noise commonly associated with mechanical key switches. It's the perfect blend of tactile response without the unnecessary clatter.

    What's the big deal about mechanical keyboards?

    Why use a split keyboard?

    Tailor the Freestyle Pro for a more ergonomic typing experience

    Diverging from traditional single-piece keyboards and immobile split ergonomic keyboards, users have the flexibility to disengage or "splay" the key modules, eliminating detrimental wrist bending based on their unique body type and typing stance. The separated configuration and the standard 20" connecting cable cater to a diverse spectrum of body sizes, accommodating individuals ranging from petite to large-framed.

    Explore further insights on Ulnar Deviation and additional risk factors associated with conventional keyboards.

    What is the adaption time?

    Adapting to the Freestyle Pro is a breeze

    The Freestyle Pro mechanical ergonomic keyboard boasts a familiar layout, ensuring a brief adjustment period for touch-typists. We recommend initiating with the key modules in close proximity and the lowest tenting setting, gradually expanding the configuration until you discover the ideal setup for your body. Keep in mind that every key on the Freestyle Pro is customizable, allowing you to rearrange them to align with your workflow seamlessly.

    Which tenting accessories should I get?

    It all boils down to your preference for palm support

    The Freestyle Pro keyboard offers two tenting accessories: the VIP3 and V3 Pro kits, both enabling tenting at 5˚, 10˚, and 15˚ angles. Opt for the VIP3 Pro Kit if you prefer added comfort with included palm supports and cushioned pads. Alternatively, go for the V3 Pro Kit for tenting without palm supports (please note that it's not compatible with them). The choice of using palm supports is subjective, but it's worth noting that the VIP3 Pro kit tends to be more popular among Freestyle Pro users.

    Will my Freestyle2 accessories fit the Freestyle Pro?

    The accessories for the Freestyle 2 might seem identical in appearance and functionality to those of the Freestyle Pro, but they won't snugly fit your Freestyle Pro.

    Blame it on the mechanical switches – their introduction prompted a tweak in the mounting points for all tenting accessories. So, for you Pro users out there, the path to accessory bliss involves snagging Pro-specific gear like the VIP3 Pro Tenting Kit (AC925), the V3 Pro Tenting Kit (AC930), and the Pro Palm Supports (AC906). Happy accessorizing!

    Why aren't accessories included?

    Similar to its predecessor, the Freestyle Pro mechanical ergonomic keyboard is all about being fully modular, catering to each individual's preferences. This means you have the liberty to cherry-pick the accessories and configuration that perfectly suits you, without being tethered to paying for parts you don't require. It's all about customization and making it uniquely yours.

    How to record a macro

    The Freestyle Pro stands out as a leading macro keyboard, leveraging the SmartSet Engine for intuitive macro creation and execution. Macros can be recorded directly on the device using the dedicated Macro key or customized using the SmartSet.


    Initiate on-the-fly macro recording by tapping the dedicated Macro key to enter Macro Programming Mode. Any of the 95 keys on the Freestyle Pro can serve as a macro trigger. Modify pre-programmed hotkeys or assign macros to unused keys. If all keys are occupied, opt for a 2-key combination using any modifier key (Shift, Alt, Control, Windows, Command) with a non-modifier key.

    Once the macro trigger is set, type the desired macro contents on the keyboard. Each macro can capture up to 300 keystrokes. Exit Macro Programming Mode by tapping the Macro key upon completing the recording.


    Execute macros effortlessly by tapping the assigned trigger key or key combination. It's a seamless process designed for practicality.