Advantage360: Invest in yourself!


Advantage360 invest in yourself 2

Contoured design with maximized comfort and productivity

Adjustable Split

Adjustable Split

Independently separate and rotate modules to maintain straight wrists and minimize ulnar deviation.

Adjustable Tenting

Adjustable Tenting

Elevating the thumb side through tenting helps alleviate forearm pronation induced by flat keyboards.

Palm Support

Palm Support

Encourage a neutral typing position and minimize wrist extension with the support of palm rests and cushioned palm pads.

Compact Layout

Compact Layout

The tenkeyless layout allows you to position your mouse to the side or in the middle, reducing "over-reach" strain for enhanced comfort.

Contoured shape

Contoured shape

Position your hands and fingers naturally for a relaxed posture, minimizing key-reach length and preventing over-extension.

Signature Thumb Keys

Signature Thumb Keys

Opt for the strength of your thumbs over the weaker pinkies to access frequently used keys like Space, Backspace, and Enter.

Optional Fixed Split

Optional Fixed Split

If full adjustability isn't your preference, attach the included bridge connector for the traditional Advantage separation.

Vertical Key Configuration

Vertical Key Configuration

Diverging from traditional staggered keyboards, the orthogonal layout mimics the natural motion of your fingers for an ergonomic typing experience.

Mechanical Switches

  • Durable: Rated for 50+ million key presses

  • Premium: Unmatched feel and performance

  • Ergonomic: Low-force and tactile

Gateron Brown

Gateron Brown Stem

  • Low-Force (55g)
  • Full Travel
  • Tactile Feedback
  • Some Noise
kailh Box Pink

Kailh Box Pink Linear Silent Stem

  • Low-Force (35g)
  • Full Travel
  • Linear
  • Quiet

(Available only in SmartSet USB version)

Choose from three tenting heights with the click of a button

Advantage360 360 degrees of freedom

Bluetooth with the ZMK Engine

  • Suitable for Advanced Users
  • Experience multi-channel Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, allowing seamless pairing with up to 5 devices.
  • Benefit from wireless linking capabilities.
  • Enjoy global white backlighting for enhanced visibility.
  • Harness the power of the open-source ZMK platform for unparalleled customization.
  • Easily configure your layout using our user-friendly web-based configurator

Learn More about ZMK

USB-C with the SmartSet Engine

  • Perfect for all users
  • Utilize USB-C Linking with a detachable 10" cable for convenient connectivity.
  • Enjoy onboard storage for up to 9 programmable layouts.
  • Benefit from one-touch onboard remapping for quick customization.
  • Record on-the-fly macros for enhanced functionality.
  • Access power-user tools seamlessly through the SmartSet App, compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms.

Meet the new SmartSet App

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“The Advantage360 is the best of all worlds: split and contoured. It’s all I’ve ever wanted in a keyboard.”

Max S. | CEO

“This keyboard is like Nirvana for your hands. For gaming or work, the Advantage360 is on top.”

Jonathan R. | Software Developer

“The Advantage360 Pro is my first Kinesis keyboard and I think its pretty much ideal, being very well built and surprisingly portable. Its ruined other keyboards for me.”

David H.

“The world’s greatest keyboard was somehow improved upon. This is the best keyboard you can get if you spend any significant amount of time typing.”

Thomas B. | Software Engineer


Advantage360 Specs
  • Operating System: Windows 7-11, macOS, Linux, Android & Chrome
  • Layout: 76 Key layout with thumb clusters (Function Keys reside in new “Fn” Layer, 10-Key resides in the traditional “Kp” Layer)
  • Dimensions: 7.5” (width) x 8.0” (depth) x 3.0-4.0” (height) *per side
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs (Total weight of both modules)
  • Package Contents: Keyboard, Bridge Connector, 16 Additional Keycaps, Keycap Puller, Cables, and Quick Start Guide
    • Advantage 360: USB-C Main Cable & 10″ Link Cable
    • Advantage 360 Pro: USB-C Charging Cable (x2)
  • Key Switches: Mechanical
    • Low-Force Mechanical Brown Switches (Gateron KS-9)
    • Linear “Quiet” Low-Force Mechanical Pink Switches (Kailh Box Silent)
  • Fully Programmable Advantage 360: Onboard Macros/Remaps and the SmartSet App
  • Fully Programmable Advantage 360 Pro: Web-based configurator on GitHub
  • Backlighting Advantage 360: None
  • Backlighting Advantage 360 Pro: Global White
  • Keycaps Advantage 360: Dye-sublimated PBT
  • Keycaps Advantage 360 Pro: Shine-through ABS (not pictured)
  • Connectivity Advantage 360: USB A-C
  • Connectivity Advantage 360 Pro: Bluetooth or USB A-C
  • Linking Advantage 360: 10″ USB-C cable included
  • Linking Advantage 360 Pro: Wireless

Which One is right for you?


  • USB C Connectivity
  • 10″ USB-C Link Cable (detachable)
  • SmartSet Programming Engine
  • Non-backlit
  • PBT Keycaps


  • USB C Connectivity
  • 10″ USB-C Link Cable (detachable)
  • SmartSet Programming Engine
  • Non-backlit
  • PBT Keycaps

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Advantage360 accessories qwerty


How do I get a non-US Layout on the 360?

Currently, the Advantage360 is exclusively available in a US-QWERTY configuration. For our international customers, reprogramming specific keys on either the SmartSet or Pro model can potentially yield a QWERTZ or AZERTY layout with some user experimentation.

If you desire matching keycaps, we suggest reaching out to Kinesis or your local reseller to inquire about the Advantage2 International Keycap sets. These keycap sets can technically be combined with the 8 new keycaps on the 360, providing a comprehensive set. However, please note that they don't blend in as smoothly as original 360 keycaps. The combination does look somewhat funny.

Does the Pro have all the ZMK features?

That depends.

Since the inception of the Pro 360 firmware, the ZMK team has made remarkable strides in the core firmware. In October 2022, we rolled out a V2.0 firmware update, integrating all the cutting-edge ZMK features available at that moment. If you acquired your Advantage360 Pro prior to that release, you can access V2.0 on GitHub.

Currently, we are in the beta testing phase for an even more advanced 3.0 version, built on the foundation of the Zephyr 3.2 update. Exciting times ahead!

How many layers does the 360 have?

You asked for more layers, and here's what Kinesis has delivered!

Both 360 models feature three default layers right out of the box:

  1. The Top layer, housing all your alphanumerics and commonly used keys.
  2. The Keypad layer for seamless 10-key access. Simply tap "KP" to toggle in and out.
  3. The innovative Fn layer, boasting 12 function keys. Hold either "Fn" key to effortlessly shift in and out.

Both keyboards empower you to customize the placement and behavior of layer-access keys, whether for shifting or toggling, ensuring smooth navigation through layers.

Yearning for even more layers?

  • SmartSet Model: Revel in two additional fully programmable layers (Fn2 and Fn3) that you can access as you please.
  • Pro Model: Dive into a multitude of layers with the user-friendly GUI.

Worried about missing an action? Fear not! You can assign virtually any keyboard action to any key using the SmartSet App (Windows/Mac) or the Pro model Programming GUI. The possibilities are endless!

Should I get the Professional or the base model?

The Pro model seems like a powerhouse with its optional Bluetooth, wireless linking, and backlighting—definitely a no-brainer if those features are must-haves. And for the tech-savvy users who've been yearning for an open-source option, the Pro is a game-changer, especially with ZMK's focus on low-latency Bluetooth.

But, and there's always a but, the "Professional" version isn't just a name—it reflects the fact that it might be a bit less user-friendly than the base model. If you're all about that quick and easy onboard programming with SmartSet, sticking with the base model might be the way to go.

Important note: The Advantage360 keyboard, running on the open-source ZMK engine, is not tailored for beginners. ZMK doesn't support onboard programming, so if that's your jam, the Pro might not be your cup of tea. Kinesis Technical Support can point you in the right direction and provide documentation, but personalized ZMK training and custom programming help aren't on the menu.

What's the difference between the keycaps?

Easy peasy!

SmartSet Model flaunts Dye-Sublimation PBT keycaps, the cream of the crop when it comes to keycaps. They resist sheen and fade, giving you that premium feel.

On the flip side, the Professional Model rocks Shine-Through ABS keycaps. Why, you ask? Well, it's all about that white backlighting magic. These keycaps let the legends illuminate, making your typing experience top-notch, even in low-light situations.

And the cherry on top: If the standard keycaps aren't tickling your fancy, you can pimp your keyboard with any of our 3 accessory sets—QWERTY PBT, Dvorak PBT, or Blank PBT. Customize away!

How long do the Pro Batteries last?

The Pro model brings some serious battery game to the table with dual 1500 MAH rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries.

Here's the lowdown on battery life: If you're rocking the backlighting (a real power hog), these batteries should keep you going for a full work day or even two. Now, if you're living that backlight-off life, you can expect several months of keyboard goodness on a full charge.

But wait, there's more! The Pro is smart about saving power—it's got a 30-second timer. Step away from your keyboard, and it nods off to preserve battery life. Quick wake-up when you return. And for those times when you're on the move or want max power conservation, there's a handy on/off switch.

Pro tip for extended battery life: Ensure you're rolling with the V2.0 Firmware or later (grab it on GitHub). Power to the keyboards!

Do I have to use the bridge connector?


The Advantage 360 is all about that ergonomic bliss! We crafted it to be a fully separable keyboard, giving you the power to customize the separation for maximum ergonomic benefits. We're betting most folks will love tweaking the modules to fit their exact preferences.

But, if you're feeling a bit nostalgic or just want to recreate that classic vibe from earlier one-piece models, we've got you covered. The included bridge connector lets you bring back that familiar one-piece feel whenever you fancy. Options galore!

Is the Advantage360 hot-swoppable?

No can do, unfortunately.

We gave it a shot, but mounting switch sockets to the curved keywell circuit boards proved to be a reliability headache. Switch sockets were designed for flat keyboards, and trying to make them play nice with our curved setup just led to too many reliability issues. Gotta prioritize that keyboard stability!

Can I use the Pro model over USB?

Yes, but there is a major “but”…

When the left module is plugged into a PC it sends keystrokes over USB, not bluetooth. However, the left and right sides always communicate wirelessly. You can plug the right module into a PC, but it is not designed to send keystrokes at this time, just charge the battery.

Each module only has a single port as the traditional link cable location has been repurposed for an on/off switch.

What happened to Mac, PC and Dvorak Mode?

SmartSet Model keeping it sleek and simple: We waved goodbye to Thumb Key Modes and Dvorak Mode. With the SmartSet Engine on the base model, you've got 9 fully-programmable Profiles, and the thumb keys? Totally up to you—they're your playground. You can individually remap them to any modifiers you fancy (bonus: Extra Mac keycaps included). Feeling lazy? No worries, the SmartSet App hooks you up with Mac and Linux "Quick Thumb Keys."

Dvorak (and Colemak and Workman) enthusiasts, we got you: Hit up the Alternate Layouts option in the SmartSet App to swiftly rejig any of the 5 layers for your non-QWERTY needs. And if you're feeling fancy, there's always room for more customization from there.

Now, the Pro Model players, you're in for a bit more DIY action. Custom layout construction is in your hands, whether through GitHub or the GUI. Flex those customization muscles!

What's the screw hole on the base for?

That screw hole? It's not just for show!

You can put it to work by mounting the keyboard to your table-top or chair, keeping it sturdy and in place. Feeling a bit creative? Go ahead and design your very own custom bridge solution. The hole is a #8-32 tapped hole