Freestyle Edge Gaming

Freestyle Edge Gaming Keyboard

Brand New Split Keyboard for Ultimate Comfort and Performance

Introducing a cutting-edge split keyboard meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled comfort, top-notch performance, and seamless adaptability for both Windows and Mac users. Featuring Cherry MX Brown mechanical key switches and powered by the innovative SmartSet Programming Engine, this keyboard is designed to elevate your typing experience to new heights.

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The Freestyle Edge RGB stands as the inaugural split mechanical keyboard crafted specifically for gaming. Developed in collaboration with dedicated gamers, it adheres to the highest standards of quality and design. An adaptable 20” braided cable connects the key modules, providing unparalleled flexibility for customizing your gaming setup.

Whether you prefer a one-handed FPS play by moving the right module aside, splitting the modules for accommodating HOTAS or a stream mic in between, or adjusting them to shoulder-width for optimal typing comfort, the Freestyle Edge offers versatile configurations. Embrace the freedom to set it up your way for the ultimate desktop experience.

  • 20″ Split (Hidden storage compartment stores excess cable)
  • NEW- 16.8M Color Per-Key RGB Backlighting
  • NEW- 10 fully customizable Lighting Effects: Freestyle, Monochrome, RGB Wave, RGB Spectrum, Pulse, Loop, Rebound, Rain, Breathe, and Starlight
  • Genuine Cherry MX RGB Mechanical Switches
  • Fully-Programmable with the SmartSet Programming Engine (No software or drivers)
  • 9 Customizable Profiles (Layouts & Lighting)
    • NEW- Enhanced layout with Escape position over tilde and an extra programmable double-wide Game Key
    • NEW- More powerful macros- up to 100 per layout and custom or random delays
    • NEW- Tap-and-hold key actions so each key can support a quick tap action and a separate press-and-hold action
    • NEW- Multimodifier tokens for the “Hyper” and “Meh” keys
    • NEW- Colemak layout support
    • NEW- Momentary Fn key (Toggle option)
    • NEW- 9 Game Keys
    • Multimedia Controls
  • NEW- Detachable Palm Supports with premium cushioned Palm Pad. Soft thick foam supports your wrists during extended sessions the quick-glide surface won’t slow you down, and the sweat-resistant surface ensures maximum durability.
  • NKRO Mode
  • Game Mode
  • 9 Programmable Game Keys
  • Braided Cables
  • NEW- SmartSet Programming App (Windows & Mac)
  • 1MS Response Time
  • 100% Anti-Ghosting
  • 4MB Onboard Memory


Smart Set RGB App Final Bezel 1 300x198

Onboard Customization

The Freestyle Edge RGB is equipped with the SmartSet Programming Engine, enabling on-the-fly key remapping, macro recording, adjustment of keyboard settings, toggling between the 9 customizable Profiles, activating NKRO & Game Mode, and more. The SmartSet Engine eliminates the need for special drivers or software, ensuring that your settings are directly saved to the keyboard.

SmartSet Application

Experience enhanced programming and lighting customization by downloading and installing the new RGB SmartSet App (compatible with Windows and Mac).


  • Operating System: Plug-and-Play on Windows, Mac, Linux, & Chrome
  • Connectivity: USB Type A Wired (Single Port, 6′ Braided Cable)
  • Performance: 1MS Response Time, NKRO Mode, Game Mode
  • Switches: 100% Genuine Cherry MX Mechanical
  • Lighting: Per-Key 16.8M Color RGB Lighting
  • Dimensions: 1.25″ tall x 15.5″ wide x 10.25″ deep
  • Weight: 3.0 lbs
  • Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty


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